Current appraised value of all items are apx $1800 so this is an awesome deal!!
This camera has had little use and is in absolutely like new perfect condition!
Pentax K20D 14.6MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction. Comes with 7 lenses, one is a 600mm reflector lens that can also be used as a telescope with the included right angle eyepiece attachment. Includes Pentax Battery Grip, extra battery, 3 flashes, fluid head tripod, custom weather proof hard case and many other accessories as noted below. With the included right angle telescope view finder you can use the camera as a telescope!
This is a high end professional's camera. It has a weather proof sealed body and many other professional photographers options. Many professional photographers use Pentax as they are superior to Minolta, Cannon, Nikon and many other brands. This is why they cost more than other brands and also why Walmart and BestBuy do not sell them in their stores!!
Check out this video of a Pentax K20D taking a shower!; /watch?v=mTHe-5yH-xQ&list=PLwQYvF8tGE5Oel_fg7bvf3yb_VijZcYgk
Pentax Grip D-BG@ #39557 and extra battery
Pentax AF-360FGZ Flash with autofocus and auto zoom flash (this is a $280 flash)
Minolta Auto 360PX Pro Flash
Promatic FTD5200 Flash
Wide Angle Flash Diffuser Flash Attachment
Right angle telescope view finder. Use the camera as a telescope or at right angles!
Flash Slave
Wireless remote
8 mg SDHC Memory Card
Quantaray Sunpack Professional Fluid Head Tripod
SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm f/1:3.5 ? 5.6 Auto Focus Zoom Lens and Protama UV filter
SMC Pentax-DA 50-200mm f/1:4 ? 5.6 Auto Focus Zoom Lens and Protama UV filter
Pentax 35 ? 70 f/2.8 Auto Zoom Lens
Sigma 600mm f/1:8 Mirror-Telephoto Lens
MC Cosmicar 28mm f/1:2:8 Lens
Vivitar 2 x 22 tele converter Lens
Star-D Close-up Lens
Developed for exclusive use with the PENTAX K10D, this battery grip can be used in combination with the camera's rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to greatly extend the battery life. With an extra shutter-release button, preview lever, electronic dial, AE-lock button and green button, it makes vertical-position shooting simple and effortless. It also features the same dust-proof, water-resistant construction as the K10D camera body.
A professional flash for the Pentax family of SLR cameras, the Pentax AF-360 FGZ works with everything from the original 67 to today's 645N & MZ-S, MZ-SD or Digital *ist series cameras. Full manual control of flash output is possible, or use the TTL flash capabilities of the camera it is mounted on to achieve painless exposure with every aperture. The pop-up flash incorporated into many Pentax 35mm SLRs can be used to trigger the AF-360 FGZ wirelessly, and when combined with the MZ-SD or *ist D camera this is done with TTL metering!
Useful features included that aren't typically found in cheaper flashes are:
Built-in wide angle diffuser. Need a bit more width in the coverage? A pull out panel is located in the top of the flash; Built-in "catch light". This small, white card is in the same space as the diffuser. If using bounce, this will help eliminate shadows caused by the bounce, and puts a little gleam in the eye; High-Flash synch. Most useful for outdoor portrait photography, this allows you to set the shutter speed to faster than normal, allowing you to control the depth-of-field; Spot Beam" function. In low light situations, the AF illuminator in the flash fires to help the AF system of the camera. The SB features allows the illuminator to work even when the flash is not used for exposure (such as in a museum); Command functions. Unlike the Nikon SB-600 or Canon 430EX, this flash can be used to control and trigger multi-flash operations.
This Pentax K20D digital SLR offers advanced photo enthusiasts an array of exciting Pentax innovations. The CMOS image sensor brings out optimum performance of Pentax interchangeable lenses. Featuring 14.6 effective megapixels (highest in its class) and noise-reduction technology, the sensor assures superb image quality. 14.6 megapixels captures enough detail for poster-sized prints. The 2.7-inch LCD display allows for easy review and cropping of images. An improved dust-proof and water-resistant construction ensures that the camera stays clean and functional even under the toughest conditions.
This SLR will make you feel in control with its Live View function that allows the photographer to see the image on the camera's back panel LCD monitor while shooting. Customizable features ideal for shooters who demand complete control include the Expanded Dynamic Range function that allows users to gain more contrast / detail in bright settings and a Custom Image function to select / adjust finishing touches to an image. An improved Dust Reduction system features prevention, removal and alerting devices. Combine these innovations with the renowned Pentax-developed Shake Reduction (SR) system, Pentax Real IMage Engine (PRIME) and incorporate them in a dependable dust-proof, weather-resistant body - you've now got a superb camera that allow photographers to shoot anytime, anywhere, even in dusty or rainy environments. The K20D is the newest and most powerful camera in Pentax's dSLR line, replacing the earlier K10D

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